About company

The history of Ryazan State Instrument-making Enterprise comes back to 1918, when "State woodworking plant" was founded by Ryazan Town Council. It fulfilled the orders of the Red Army and produced wooden nails, veneer blocks, canvas shoes, cannery boxes and at the end of the 20s - beginning of the 30s of the previous century - constructions materials, furniture, tin crockery.

In 1934 the plant was reconstructed and produced aircraft wind-sticks, and later it comprised the enterprises of defense industry. Then it was transferred to People's Commissariat of the aircraft industry. The main production of the pre war years was aircraft wind-sticks, air skis, and component parts for aircrafts MiG. During the World War II and in the first postwar years the enterprise produced troop-carrying air frames G-11, G-11A under Gribovsky's construction, cabins, air skis to aircrafts R-5, U-2 and aircrafts Po-2A.

In 1951 the enterprise was redesigned and started producing radar equipment. Its first product was the device of blind bombing PSBN-M for aircrafts Il-28.

The main production of the enterprise at the end of 50s -beginning of 60s of the previous century was radar stations for fighters YAK and SU, radar stations for collusion prevention and navigation "EMBLEMA" for passenger and transport aviation, radar transponders of state recognition.

The plant got the new name "Ryazan Instrument-making Enterprise" on the 7th of October 1965. In 2004 it got its current name Federal State Unitary Enterprise "Ryazan State Instrument-making enterprise".

From the end of the 60s till middle 80s of the 20th century the enterprise produced radar stations "SAPPHIR" for fighters MiG-23. The main production of the 80th-90th was radar stations for combat aircrafts of the fourth generation MiG-29, SU-27, SU-30.

During the most difficult economical and political conditions of the conversion epoch, when the military orders were abruptly reduced, the management of the enterprise developed the survival conception. It included independent search for foreign markets, modernization of the production, opening up of new technologies. Special attention was paid to the creation of new systems of armament control and modernization of board equipment. For maintenance of stable position for middle and long-term perspective the enterprise takes new steps in development of new ways - elaboration of avionics for helicopters, special technologies for land forces and also production of competitive civil goods.

Nowadays Ryazan State Instrument-making Enterprise has considerable production and technical base, the most progressive technologies, which allow producing unique competitive goods.

Release of civil production today is one of the main business profiles. It not only allows to use the maximum the plant's intellectual, technological and production capabilities, but also to meet the needs of Russian and foreign markets. They are: inverter welding apparatuses "FORSAZH" for all types of arc welding, electronic single and three-phase electricity meters "SET" and "GAMMA", radio stations "ZARYA", atmospheric optical lines of communication "ARTOLINK" with the speed up to 10Gb/s, multifunctional telecommunicational platform "PROTON-SSS" with service capacity from 10 to 30 000 ports, medical equipment for measuring of intraocular pressure through the eyelid, which doesn't have analogues in the world - tonometer "DIATON" and indicator "DIATHERA".

All the production is characterized by the high competitiveness and marked off by the diplomas and prizes of many prestigious contests and exhibitions both in Russia and abroad.