Advantages FSO-equipment Artolink

  • High speed of data transfering
  • Quickness of communication link launching
  • More economic efficiency in comparison with wire fibre optic and radio links
  • High level of security and protection
  • Electromagnetic compatibility

Fields of application:

  • Mobile and fixed link
  • High-speed internet
  • Problem solving of the “last mile”
  • Efficient communication lines reservation
  • Network infrastructure
  • Territorially distant objects
  • Security systems

Artolink models for high-speed data transfer at the distance from 50 m to 400 m

FSO-equipment Artolink FE-S GE-S

M1 FE-S – communication speed 10/100 Mbit/s
M1 GE-S – communication speed up to 1 Gbit/s
Maximum adaptation of all parameters for operating in short distances

  • Optimum beam divergence
  • Built-in optical sight
  • Remote link parameters monitoring
  • Service communication link
  • Original rotary mechanism
  • Compact size

Artolink model for data transfer at the distances up to 3000 meters.

FSO-equipment Artolink FE-2A

М1 FE-2A is the most called-for model in Artolink product line.

Small beam divergence and multichannel optical system allow to deal with the shading of communication link and atmospheric turbulence.

Advanced reliability of communication channel is provided by:

  • Spatial stabilizing system
  • Sun illumination protechtion
  • Automatic power adjustment of the emitters
  • Aerodynamic protective case
  • Small beam divergence
  • Multichannel optical system

Artolink model for wireless data transfer at the distance up to 7 km.

FSO-equipment Artolink FE-R

М1 FE-R is the only one optical equipment in the world that provides reliable operating of the communication channel at the distance up to 7 km.

High communication stability is achieved by means of application of hybrid radio-optical solution according to dual channel technology.
Unique features of the solution :

  • Permanent quality control of the optical channel
  • Calibrated standby radio channel with automatic switching function
  • Automatic switching between optical channel and standby radio channel


New generation of communication equipment Artolink M2 with wide functionalities


Powerful breakthrough became possible because of unique innovative technology implementation - «Passive Optic-Active Tracking»

  • Practically unlimited transmission band between receive/transmit modules
  • Enhanced operating distance
  • Record low angular width of sender’s emission
  • Considerably increased fade margin
  • Enhanced communication link stability
  • Efficient protection of the optical junction

The number of installation of Artolink equipment grows constantly.

Our customers are the leading communication statements, systems integrators and large industrial enterprises.

Artolink equipment is operated successfully in Russia, CIS countries and abroad:

  • Syria
  • Czech Republic
  • South Korea
  • Argentina
  • China
  • Azerbaijan
  • Ukraine
  •  Kazakhstan